making scores & tea …

would you like a cup? would you like to make your future?

making light (14 – 26.1.2018)

dark reaches ground deep grape burst, juice devouring particles, heavy on eyelids, dark rubs skin 
 softer, ready to melt,  falling fast - the closest thing to rain
 drop in temperature
sun moves like moon, objects change appearance... I walk for longer without a glove

 ground has returned to snow water ice cold crust 

 fluffy snow

the terrain changes - icy, gritty, soft, deep snow the way my legs move. I walk with my whole body...

tall silvery barks. Thin. Tall and thin.

...snow monster clearing road and paths for some kind of civilisation

 there is 'nowness'

don't know when the weather will change, and I can't replicate light quality 

 so many variations in the sky through my camera altered (do they capture it all?)

 ...subjectivity of associations and what I see 


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