metronome (v.)…

time1 (v.) i can’t make blackberry fruit pastilles all year round if i’m to use wild blackberries; the elderberries are there now…and pungent

time2 (v.) do rhythms indicate internal structure?

'Vertebrate Life' (F Harvey Pough & Christine M Janis)

love (n.) machine…circular components, cyclical motions

wheel (v.) to dream of a place i used to know,
passing this place without intention
to be seen, finding myself sitting,
pondering down steps towards its entrance,
a photograph, still world
from which I can’t be seen, and just as I’m about to leave

he arrives and i’m embarrassed it looks like i meant to be here, waiting
feeling under a spell, under a jar
as he descends into a cave, sharp
around his edges blue-coated, leaving a trail of cold

i leave thinking i’ll pass by the meadow, maybe to clear the event
from my pores when i end up in a room watching tv beside a girl,
kind of familiar and other, and there he is again, back
from somewhere taking off his satchel and woollen coat i find strange
like he’s been drafted into normality

my belly carousels churned by fears he’ll think im following,
and won’t see how it really is, and then here he is again
the way i remember, frost melted in a pool of blue by stairs
leading up to this room, he sits beside me and we all watch telly
and tell stories and laugh and i feel his head resting
on my arm and feel awkward in the thick of unsaid…

after his recovery to vertical

my alarm goes…

time (n.) FEELING the sense of urgency because this fruit [elderberry] will soon be out of season

Credit: Image of otolith from Vertebrate Life (F Harvey Pough & Christine M Janis)

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