Pearl Re-Searching: Light Stuff

Well! I can't tell you how she's done it. I'm still trying to work that out myself. It's like real light, you know when it floods your eyes and your head feels bright - it's like this. Trying not to get too close though - don't wanna knock the thing off the wall. I'm already self-conscious. It's right small in here, my feet sound like they're about to bring the place down, all 5 foot 2 of me. Gosh, I wanna touch it. Just long enough to learn how she's done it. It's mad really that she's made light. If I was to really think I'd's something to do with space - making a picture around it, like walls making a house, or a shop, or...this gallery even, like space is in a net, the things you can't see like waves, air, talking, smells, the wind. There's loads - it's a right jam. Okay if you're in the circus or a bird. You'd be in and out of it, swinging here, swooping there, taking a little perch on a radio wave. They're mad too - well the ones in my radio are. When I've got the dial between stations, and I'm lighting a match, it just pops. Then when I move sometimes, it growls, but you should hear it at night whistling like owls hooting from the moon - hundreds of em. It's right moody - with me, the weather, walls, doors, and even things happening in other rooms. You'd think I'd get a new radio, but I've had it so long - it's my moody mystic. I should have asked it this morning if I'm really 25. I can't believe it. Saying that, I ain't a clue what 25 looks like...imagine if someone could tell a star-sign. As a 25 year old you are... 

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