creative processing…

I was choreographing a piece of dance exploring ‘light’ and I asked the dancers to bring in some words they felt drawn to prompted by the theme. An article titled why we need darkness (published in the National Geographic) was brought in, and has stayed with me ever since.

I think it was a few years later, that I explored bats and echolocation for another dance piece, fascinated with how they navigate the dark as I explored communication. There’s a book also coming to mind, at the cusp of unconscious and conscious reality, but it’s just out of reach…I picture it…’night’ is in the title, the cover is a street at night illuminated with lamps…

Electric light.

I often sit or stand in a room at dusk bathing in the last remnants of daylight until…


Why are you sitting in the dark?

I usually don’t explain that it’s still light. I think in some way I’m answering now. Writing this draped in heavy fabrics delaying night as sunrise pervades the space. Sometimes I wake with ideas that the coming light or morning rituals appear to over-expose, and like negatives in a darkened room, night makes them visible – it helps me see inside myself, and emerge fully into wake.

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