5 acts of nature (current)

5 acts of nature aims to realise an interdisciplinary body of work shifting between fragility & awe in a surreal exploration of weather. This current phase of development explores the nature of digital space and notions of reality, imagination, memory, interiors and the microscopic within wider systems, and is currently available here.

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‘it’s like the dream was a place upon skin, and when touched, dreamed more, raw data’

materials: electronic/emotional in/outpour, hydro-logic and cycles

‘how to build a time machine (a few components)’

materials: journeys, growth, locomotion patterns, spells

‘an aerialist’s take on love’

materials: spine, radio waves, dawn, found objects, strings, audio portals, water, moon, amphibious shifts, birds, locomotion patterns of fish

‘axis (what I found, became this morning)’

materials: pelvic rotations, sunrise, a tiny camera


materials: present, re-wirings of past, conjured futures, multiple identities

This phase of development has been supported by Arts Council Project funding, Wysing Arts Centre and Cambridge Junction.

Studio Artists Live (March 2021)

A live streamed event exploring the wide-ranging practices of Wysing Arts Centre Studio Artists as part of Discover Creative Careers. Click here to view.

sea me (2014-2015)

An interdisciplinary solo performance/installation exploring fluid notions of identity, made up of ‘the escapologist’, ‘the ropewalker’, ‘blue flame’ and ‘cosmic sea’ presented at various venues and events, including Pegasus Theatre, The Jam Factory, and Arts at the Old Fire Station (Oxford).

The project received support from the Oxford Dance Forum, Exuberant Trust and Pegasus Theatre (Oxford).